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Preacher Davids Corner 

“I am a Pastor!”

I have a clear calling from God, from the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and Him alone. This decision was not made easily. I have become a Shepard which run headlong into trouble for the sake of the flock. I have surrender by ego, pride, my desire to be first, center stage and to be on the first row. All this was crucified with Him at a place call Calvary. I am a Pastor! I have no plans but His plans. Where He leads I will go. Pastors are betrayed sometimes. Jesus knows it well. We must get over being betrayed. It’s not my ministry but HIS ministry! Not my church but HIS Church. Not my work but HIS work. I read lots of books but I will hide one book in my heart. The most important book in the world. The BIBLE! I am called to preach Gods word to Gods    people. My preaching has an eternal impact on another persons life for now and into eternity. I  may wake up at 1:00AM to talk to God or to write down His thoughts given to me at that time. His word is living and powerful! Pastors go through hard times. We   encourage and share the goodness of Jesus. We are at the hospital before sunup to visit a person having surgery and family . We constantly pray for lots of folks. We are with them in  marriage, at the birth of a baby and yes even at a funeral of a loved one, for you see I am a Pastor. I have a wife, the love of my life. She serves the Lord with passion, as He leads her. For He loves her as He does me. She sometimes sits alone , as a widow in front of the church. Her signals to me keeps me in touch, if I am getting too loud or too long! She winks at me and I and half the choir sees it! Her signals to him keeps him in touch with reality. She knows the pastor best and loves him the most. She is the wind in my sails. At home when I am too concerned about church matters she may say” Preacher Boy, take the garbage out” and it brings me back to earth. She is my Cheerleader. She is a pastors wife!. She is my wife and a great wife! For you see I am a Pastor. Milton Hollifield, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina Executive  Director—Treasurer shares in the Biblical Recorder, Encourage you pastor! I agree with his  statement , “ while we all need encouragement , in life, I can think of no group of people that need it more than pastors.” Celebrate life with pastors! Take them to supper, buy them a gift but most of all pray for them. his salary need to be increased. How long has it been since he got a raise? For you see, he is the pastor. Your pastor and my pastor! Gods man at work, when we sometimes  are at rest. He is called to be a husband. He is called to be a Father. But he is called also to be a pastor. 

Hebrews 13:17
Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.               

It is a Holy Office . I pray for the words, “well done, enter in.” But until then ,  I am a  Pastor!

                                                                                    Your Servant, David



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