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Preacher Davids Corner 

                                                                                                       “THE TRIP”                  
The Ashe Baptist Association Office spearheaded a trip to see the drama “JESUS” at Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster Pennsylvania, Gettysburg Battlefield, The new Bible Museum in Washington DC , sites of Washington DC,  Amish Country and the Airplane and Aerospace Museum just out side of Washington. Fifty folks left on Wednesday, September 19th at 6:30 AM and returned on September 22 at 7:00PM.It was a great trip to say the least. We had devotions and prayer in the mornings as we traveled to our destinations. God protected us and took care of us. For that we are very thankful. Lots of Ashe County folks took advantage of this trip along with a sprinkling of folks from out side the county. The Jesus Drama was the center piece of this trip. It was very powerful. Lots of folks being exposed to the story of Jesus and an opportunity to accept Christ at the theater! The drama spoke to me in many ways. When Jesus was walking on the water it seemed as though the water on the stage would come right into our seats. The most powerful and Spirit filled time for me was the last words at the very end. After going through the entire story of Jesus and Jesus had ascended to heaven the disciples were standing around and they ask Peter what he was going to do. He  responded “I AM GOING FISHING!” We too need to go fishing for men, women and children! Jesus said follow me and I will make you fishes of men. The Bible Museum trip was excellent. It is six stories high not too far from the Capitol Building. I could have spent five days in the building. We saw all types of Bible in America and in the world spanning hundreds of years. President Harry Truman, Elvis Presley and lots of those folks had donated their Bible and was on display. Ashkenazic Scroll, Books of Hours and Psalter of Elizabeth de Bohun, Gutenberg Bible Fragments, Luther Old Testament, 1st Edition King James Bible and the list goes on for folks to view. Most all under glass to preserve. Those items are hundreds of years old . Israel information on view as well. Food from Israel was there for you to enjoy. The Billy Graham Exhibit was there temporality. The Hebrew Bible Experience, World of Jesus of Nazareth and New Testament  Theater was available to view.  So much to view too little time. In the Amish Country we saw lots of Amish Farmers, their wives and their children. Horse and     buggy, plows, combines, wagons were all over the place. Lots of items for sale like handmade quilts for $750 a piece. We had a lunch in an Amish Home and it was delicious! They fed two bus loads in their basement at one time! We learned a lot about their beliefs and their lifestyle. The Gettysburg Battle Field Trip was great due to our tour guide. He was like a walking encyclopedia! Talked on the bus, on the way to he site and at the site. He knew the history of the Civil War. He also took us to the North Carolina Monument which took three years to build. Did you know that North Carolina lost more men in the battle than any other state? North Carolina did not want to put their monument on Pennsylvania soil so they bought the plot that it sets on from   Pennsylvania and brought North Carolina soil to place the monument on! Sad time in American history when so many folks died on the battle field. We toured several sites in Washington DC. The different War Memorials, the White House area, Washington and Lincoln  Monuments and other historic sites. A lot of history and lots of Bible verses scattered all over Washington DC! Stopping on the way home at Dulles Airport we took time to see the Airplane and Aerospace Museum. The planes were so big they could not be placed in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington. The Discovery Space Shuttle, Air France Plane, all types of War Machinery that flew during several wars as well as some now still flying. The list goes on there as well. God has blessed America and a trip such as I have been describing will bring you closer to God. He has blessed us beyond measure in so many ways. May we stop and take time just to thanks God for all He has done. Especially sending His only Son that we might know Him!  

Your Servant, David



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