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                                                              The 2018 Ashe County Children's Christmas Project”          

What a privilege to help 850 children to have a better Christmas! I would like to thank everyone for your help with this project. This project had over 8,500 gifts that were wrapped. Every child's gifts are checked to be sure they have several gifts and that they are the correct size. You are looking at one hundred thousand dollars in cost. Thank you, checkers, wrappers, and those who moved the gifts to the storage room as well as to the gym for distribution. To see some of our children from the elementary grades, middle schoolers,  high school grades as well as the new High School College pupils was wonderful. Without the churches and the Faith Based Organizations we could not do this project. Department of Social Services, Partnership of Ashe, Board of Education, County of Ashe, folks at Family Central, Parks and Rec and WKSK are among the many that had a hand in this project. Special thanks to General Electric from Ashe County who took one hundred names and bought the commercial trash bags and also wrapped gifts. Thanks to those who came early on Monday morning to help get us set up for sorting and wrapping. Thank you for those who bought gifts for the children and those of you who gave money to help the program. Thank you too for the snacks that folks made for us to eat as we worked from eight to eight each day that week of wrapping. We also received 500 Back Packs filled with goodies from Stanley Association (an example of the church “out of the seats and into the streets”) to be given out to our 4 to 14 year old children along with their gifts. To Michele Palayo for assisting on distribution day and being our Spanish interpreter! The list goes on for all of you who helped. You know who you are! God’s helpers trying to help a child. Six laptop computers, three desktop Computers, twenty tablets and three TVs as well as sixty bicycles with helmets were among the gifts. A very nice play kitchen model was also given. A real small refrigerator was given. Perfect for someone going to college. Over two thousand new books were given out. Thank you Episcopal Church Ladies for going to get 1000 books and for paying for them. Just about everyone received a red Christmas stocking. Folks wrapping and they were singing with the Christmas Carols that was playing , it was a joy to see and hear. Tears, thank you and hugs were given freely to many of us.  One lady shared with me that she wanted to talk to me. She began by saying, the Christmas Project had bought gifts for her children for about five years. She was in a hard place at that time and was not a believer in Jesus and His love. But folks restored her faith in that folks really do care and that God loves her. She now has a job and is a Christian. Her  children are grown and live outside the county. Her children always make sure that they help a organization at Christmas time to help folks in need. Those children will never forget what your love and the love of God has done for them. What you do in the life of a child can last forever. Special thank you to, Myra Phillips, Shelia Miller, Jeanne Coward and Johnny Davis who worked extra hard and even pulled double shifts to make this project move so smoothly.
It takes all of us to make this happen and we all appreciate it very much. There are a lot of good people in Ashe County and others who have helped help from outside the county. God has blessed us beyond measure!! Praise be to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! Merry Christmas from all of us to you!!

                                                                                      Your Servant, David