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Your servant,  David Blackburn

     Have you took the time to observe the beauty of Ashe County? This year it seems that the colors are a little brighter! The mountains are dark green, and the rivers are fuller due to the recent rains. Even the fish are bigger! Rainbow trout have brighter colors. The flowers are beautiful with purple, orange and blue. The clouds are whiter, and the sky is blue beyond imagine. Trees blossom with leaves that are bigger. The gentle warm breeze makes me appreciate being able to enjoy Gods blessings. Even the rainbows are brighter in their brilliant colors. Everything is or has come alive! God in His wisdom is amazing as nature unfolds. Even people are beautiful! Notice how we are all different. There is no fingerprint that is the same. God had us made all different, in His image! That is why people are beautiful. People hugging, shaking hands, saying how do you do, or I love you. People going by serving the Lord. Children and grandchildren growing up in the Lord. Whether we are tall, or short, big or little we are a person that Jesus died for. Years ago, Louis Armstrong sang a song “What a Wonderful World”, and truly it is!  It’s a beautiful day is Ashe Baptist Association! Laughter is free and needs to be shared with everyone. Life is too short on this earth to not laugh. It is good medicine. Be around laughter. God probably laughs at us when we do certain things. The good days, though, are the days in which you need to walk closest with the Savior, when everything goes well we need the Lord the most. An abundance of blessings can overshadow the true Source of those blessings. Even on days of great blessings, we completely are dependent on God’s grace and mercy. Walking by faith is the best day of our life even with big challenges. God’s Holy Spirit has taught us to walk by faith. Sometimes we need to be without phones, computers and TV. We have a thirst for technology. I have shared with Linda that I do not want to have a life dependent on a machine. That day she unplugged the TV! God’s word, prayer and nature are the happy places for me. My days go much better when I am unplugged. Bring on the lawn mower and the green grass, bring on the chain saw and the trees that needed to be cut, bring on the shovel and plant items that grow. When you notice your steps weakening, stop immediately for prayer, Ask the Lord to draw near, to strengthen you and help you. Remember He alone is strong, and He alone can give you the ability to walk with confidence over the sad days. The choice is ours! God's beauty or sad day. Which do you choose? During World War 2 Great Britain endured the horrors of German Bombs. Winston Churchill gave a speech that included this famous line ”Never give in, never give in, never, never, never.” Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.” Therefore it is a beautiful world and I see God's beauty all the time. Men and women, boys and girls, we can walk by, faith knowing that God will never, never, never give in until He has fulfilled every one of His promises to you. God always makes good on His promises. Today He promises to give us what we need to sustain our lives and He makes good on that promise by giving us what we need every day. As we set aside our own strength and rely on God's strength, the truth will be clear to you and everyone around you. It is a wonderful world and we do see God’s beauty! As we live our life may we realize that some folks stand on the mountain top and some kneel in sad times hoping for relief. May we reach out and share with them about God’s Beauty! It is a wonderful world in my eyes, how about you.




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God's Beauty

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