204 Beaver Creek School Road, West Jefferson

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     Did you know the Ashe Baptist Association Office has lots of information to help all of our churches and individuals as well as groups to give you ideas on advancing the Kingdom of God! All types of Lifeway Sunday School Material is on display for you to look at and take with you when considering a new type study. Nursery, children, teenage, and adult Sunday School Material are available. Beth Moore and other ladies videos and materials are available for you to check out to use in the church you attend. Baptist Men, WMU, Faith Health, International Missions, SBC Life, North American  Missions, North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministries, Biblical Recorder, Charity & Children, Facts and Trends, Tarheel Talk, Baptist on Missions and lots other magazines are available for you to take with you. Items such as Meet Southern Baptist, Guidestone, Co-Operative Program, North Carolina Baptist Foundation, Baptist Hospital, Baptist State Convention “Patterned” Disciple Making , North Carolina Baptist State Convention Budget and Minute Book, Baptist Retirement Home and lots more information is available for you. Lots of College Material is available from our Baptist Colleges. We have a large amount of Disciple Making Material on display for you to view and take with you. We have materials on all the non profit organizations in Ashe County too. Salvation Tracks and Hispanic Material are available as well. Minute Books from the Ashe Baptist Association dating back to the 1800s are here for you to view and copy if needed. We have a library of all types of religious books such as, Bibles, Health, Study Books, Counseling, Humor, History, Biographies, Evangelism, Prayer, Commentaries, Books of the Bible, Sermons, Life Issues, Missions, Women's Resources, Marriage, Church Ministries, Devotions, True Stories, Music, and Fiction. Come get a book to read and study. They are yours!  We can copy, punch and binds materials for you as well. Do you need a computer to work on. Use one of ours. We can help you with your laptop if you have a question about programs and operation, etcs.  We can fax, E-mail and make a phone calls for you if needed. We have a Conference Room that seats eighteen folks with tables, TV Screen, hookups for computers and Wi-Fi. You can schedule usage day or night. Linda Blackburn leads a ladies Bible Study from usually Beth Moore every Thursday from 11:30 until 12:30 in this conference room. Tours are available for Ashe Really Cares if you would like to see the whole operation. Faith Health is here during the week as well and you can get the latest on the right door, right time, ready to be treated and not alone. Diane Dixon is the  connector for Faith Health NC in Ashe County affiliated with Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem, NC. We have contacts with the Baptist State  Convention of North Carolina if you need special information or just want to know something that you cannot find out anywhere else. Mrs. Myra Phillips (ABA Ministry Assistant) and I will listen to you and help you in any way that we can. We will be glad to pray with you. Occasionally we have the privilege to lead folks to the Lord. What a joy! We are here to give you a pat on the back, handshake, or even a hug if you need one. If you are really good to Mrs. Myra, you might even get a cup of coffee. The Ashe Baptist Association Office is yours to use and exists to help you in the work of the Lord. Working together doing what we cannot do alone!  Mrs. Myra and I will be looking for you. Come see your Association Office located at 204 Beaver Creek School Road in West Jefferson.

​​Your Servant,                    

David Blsckburn 




Preacher Davids Corner 

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