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Empowering, Mobilizing, Creating Atmosphere for Churches

                                                 "Small Churches”
 While Mega Churches are still a popular trend, churches with smaller congregations hold appeal for the majority of U.S. citizens. Currently, 1 in 5 church plants say they are sponsored by a church with an average attendance of less than 100 people. Giving per member is higher on average among small churches with $1750 per regular       attendee given annually in a church of less than 100 attendees compared to $1400 given per regular attendee in congregations of more than 1000.  Trends also show that some 88% of Americans would consider attending a church with under 100 people, with 85% saying they would be open to a church of less than 200. (Source Facts and Trends , Spring 2016) While traveling in Canada this month I notices very few     churches . They were some but not very noticeable. It was good to get back in the USA in New York, Pennsylvania , West Virginia, Maryland , Virginia and North Carolina where they seem to be a church on every corner. Church are a good addition to any area. For more than 170 years Southern Baptist have sought to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people everywhere. The Southern Baptist Convention has grown to  be a network of more than 50,000 cooperating churches and church type missions banded together to make an impact for God’s Kingdom. No two Southern Baptist Churches are alike. Each church is autonomous and unique; only when viewed certain commonalities bind us together can one grasp the diversity that is the Southern Baptist Convention. Together Southern Baptist proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and believe there is no salvation apart from the personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord! We believe in baptism by immersion as an act of obedience. Every thing that Southern Baptist do is directly tied to the Gospel. We proclaim the Gospel through evangelism, church planting, compassion, local ministries, cooperative ministry, disaster relief,  hunger relief and many other activities. Christ's people should organize organizations such as associations and conventions as may best secure cooperation for the great objects of the Kingdom of God. Such organizations have no authority over one another or the churches. Members of the New Testament Churches cooperate with one another to carry forward the work of Christ. The Ashe Baptist Association is healthy and strong. I appreciate all the churches that support the Ashe Association which helps us to do as much ministry as possible at home and abroad. It is together that we do the work much better than trying it alone. Eighteen Reports were given at the 130th Annual Meeting in which the association is involved in. A new budget was adopted and     Riverview Baptist Church confirmed as a church under the watch care of the association and we welcome them to Ashe Baptist. We are always open to churches who are like minded to join the Ashe Baptist Association and work with us for the cause of Christ. I am not giving up on winning Ashe County to Christ. We are to battle with satan and his followers as they attack each day in many areas. The practice of  religion is common among Americans– though not necessarily a relationship with Christ A recent study conducted by Pew Research Center revealed that 1 in 3 Americans identify as “ highly religious” , meaning they pray and worship weekly. Of that number , only half are considered to be evangelical Christians. On Mission magazine has a lot of this information. I encourage you to read it. Learn what is the vision for the church that you attend . We must continue to move forward. As Ashe Baptist Association is growing and as the Baptist State Convention is growing it is a good sign that we are not giving up on sharing Christ with others. Churches are important, do all you can to promote the local church, Ashe Association, Baptist State Convention of NC and the Southern Baptist Convention. We must continue to reach a lost and dying world for Christ!                Your Servant , David


































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Ashe Missionary Baptist Association

Congratulations to Riverview Baptist Church . They have voted to join the Ashe Baptist Association and to be Southern Baptist in Denomination. We look forward to working with this church and their pastor Rev. Evan Moore and his wife Kayla,

​October is Pastor Appreciation Month. So go ahead and find your way to say thanks. You will be glad you did.

Pine Swamp Baptist Church announcers. Steve Viers has been elected pastor. We welcome Brother Steve and his wife Judy to the Ashe Baptist Association and look forward to working with them. They have Sunday School at 10:00 and worship at 11:00.The congregation invite everyone to attend. 

Would the church you attend like to host at the Ashe Baptist Association Annual Meeting in August 2017? Warrensville Baptist is doing Friday so Saturday is open .Contact the preacher Place Committee or call the Ashe Baptist Office at 336-846-5631. 

Fletcher Memorial Baptist Church announces Harvest Celebration on Wednesday, October 26 from 5:30 until 8:00PM. Free meal, cake walk, corn hole, bingo, children’s Games and crafts. Kids are welcome to wear their Halloween Costumes. Al free. Pastors , Rev. Cory and Dough Halsey invite you to attend.

​When you pray please remember Buffalo Baptist Church,  Christian Unity Baptist Church,  Orion Baptist Church,  Cristo El Salvador and  Liberty Grove Baptist Church . They are currently in search of another pastor for their church. 

Ashe Really Cares is in need of new or gently used Children’s Books. If your children have out grown their books bring them to the ARC for other children to read​​​Ashe Really Cares would like to thank all of the folks who support this ministry of food, clothing and providing other necessities  during a time of need. 68 volunteers give of their time to go after food, stock shelves, and sort clothes  Together we are able to give to folks that they might have a better way of life. Thank you to our financial supports. Without your money we could not do all that we do. If you would like to help financially send a check to PO Box 850, Jefferson, NC 28640. If you want to help at the ARC call 846-5631 or 846-5234 and we will be glad to talk to you. Please pray for our neighbors who visit the ARC each day. Pat Miller , director of Ashe Really Cares welcomes you to visit at any time.

​Faith Fellowship, a Baptist church in Jefferson, NC, will be hosting an unusual kind of church service this Fall. They’re calling the four Saturday night services Saturday Night Life. Their focus will be on addressing common objections and confusions that many people have about Christianity. The academic term for this type of teaching is Apologetics, defined as “defending or proving the truth of Christian doctrine.” Darryl Giles is the pastor of Faith Fellowship, and the main speaker at the Saturday Night Life events. His goal is to bring such topics as “Does Truth Exist?” and “Are Miracles Possible?” down to a level that everyone can understand. He hopes to show that Christianity is not a “blind leap of faith” but is actually based on a wealth of evidence and is the most logical conclusion to most of today’s big questions. Members of Faith Fellowship are excited about this series of Saturday night services and see it as a bridge to help them connect with non-believers, skeptics, and others outside the Christian faith. The secondary goal is to help Christian believers, of any church, gain a better understanding of what they believe and why they believe it. Although the meetings will be held inside the church, Faith Fellowship is planning to make the meetings very open and non-confrontational. Pastor Darryl Giles said, “Nobody’s beliefs will be mocked or belittled. This will be a safe place for all to express their views.” The meetings will begin with live music by local musician, Adam Younce. Next will come Pastor Giles, or possibly an outside expert, who will speak on the evening’s topic. That will be followed immediately by a Q & A time where members of the audience can ask questions and engage in friendly dialogue with the speaker. Scott Cahan, one of the Elders of Faith Fellowship, said, “We'll be addressing the hot topics of today. This is what’s already being talked about on social media, in classrooms, news rooms, and movies. Everyone is talking about them except the church. At Faith Fellowship, we want to let our community know that the Bible has answers. And we, the church, are ready and willing to discuss them. We’re trying to start a dialogue with those outside the church, not an argument.” The dates and times of this fall’s Saturday Night Life events are as follows:  November 5th – Are Miracles Possible? November 19th – Is The New Testament True? These events will be held at Faith Fellowship on 676 South Main street in Jefferson. For more information, call the church at 336-846-3346.


Bristol Baptist Church will hold revival services October 23 - 26th. Sunday the 23rd service begins at 6:00 PM. Monday - Wednesday begins at 7:00 PM.   Guest evangelist will be Rev. David Blevins Special singing nightly.  Pastor Billy Joe Blevins and the congregation welcomes everyone

A workshop teaching individuals and families how to develop a Home Spending Plan is being held so that participants will learn how to better save and better spend. The workshops will be held on Tuesday, October 25th from 5:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. and again on Saturday, November 5th from 10 a.m.- noon at Bald Mountain Baptist Church.  Whether a family or individual is over spending, under planning or over borrowing, these classes will be perfect to learn more about how to address these common issues. Light refreshments will be provided.  For more information or to register, call Larry Branch at 336-620-8010. 

​Trunk or Treat 5:30-8:00 pm on Monday October 31 at Christian Unity Baptist Church. Kids of all Ages Welcome! The congregation looks forward to seeing you!

The Hope for the Mt. Prayer Team invites you to come and pray each Tuesday at 8:00 at the Midway Baptist Church in West Jefferson across from Wal-Mart.

The Snack Sack Program which provides snacks to hungry children needs your help at Blue Ridge Elementary School. The percentage of free or reduced lunches is 72%. 130 snack bags are delivered each week to BRES which is not meeting the amount needed. If you or the church you attend would like to help please contact Kim Furches at 877-0470 or Shauna Powers at 877-6401.

Fletcher Memorial Baptist Church announces  5th Sunday Gospel Sing on Sunday Evening , October 30 at 6:00PM. Great evening of Gospel Music and Singing. Fellowship after the service. Pastor Cory and Doug Halsey, Brother Albert Graybeal and the congregation will be looking for you!

Midway Baptist Church will host a "Trunk or Treat" on Halloween evening starting at 6:00pm. We will also be serving soup & sandwiches in the fellowship hall everyone is welcome! Pastor Barry Shew Youth and Children Minister as well as Rev. Steve LeaShomb Senior Pastor look forward to seeing you at Midway Baptist Church.

Generation Excellent will present the “The Cost of Freedom” on Sunday, November 6th at Liberty Grove Baptist Church beginning at 10:30 AM.  This is an excellent worship experience lead by Generation Excellent.  Liberty Grove Baptist Church announces Calvary Reflections will be ministering in music on Sunday, November 13th during the 11:00 am worship service.  Liberty Grove congregation welcomes everyone!


We are again sharing the love of Jesus and celebrate His birthday by reaching others with a gift at Christmas time.  More than a 1,000 children are in need and we believe that Matthew 25:40 teaches that we are to help the “least of these.”  Those 1000 children’s names have already been chosen.  Please consider being apart of this year’s Christmas Project by:  1)  praying for these folks in need, 2)  buying gifts for them (beginning November 4th), 3)  helping to wrap the gifts at Family Central (Nov. 28th-Dec. 3rd) as an individual or as a group, or 4) giving money to buy needed items.  A call to Ashe Baptist Association (846-5631 or an email to will answer all your questions and sign you up to help.

In addition to the call for our Ashe County churches and organizations to send volunteers to sort and wrap Christmas presents for our children this year, we also can use help providing snacks and drinks for all volunteers!  If your group is unable to help with the physical labor, perhaps some may be willing to sign up to bring light refreshments for one day of the Project (Nov. 28th-Dec.3rd).  This generous contribution would be for approximately 20-25 people.  We would need you to bring the refreshments to the cafeteria at Family Central around mid-morning. This year donations of gift boxes in various sizes are needed for wrapping the gifts.  Those boxes can be brought to Family Central starting November 28th.Many thanks to all who make this incredible ministry possible!

Friendship Baptist Church invites you to attend their Veteran’s Day Service & Meal on Sunday, November 13th at 10:00 am
Veterans and active service men and women will be recognized and each will receive a gift. There will also be an opportunity to recognize military personnel by donating a Military Bible Stick in honor or in memory of a veteran. Recognition cards will be on display in the Family Life Center. The Bible Sticks are distributed to our military and their families through Faith Comes By Hearing Ministry. This is an excellent opportunity to spread the Word of God and honor those who serve or have serve our country.
Friendship Baptist Church invites you to attend their Christmas Cantata “One Small Child”. The cantata will be presented Saturday, December 17th at 7:00 pm and on Sunday, December 18th at 10:00 am. On Sunday Evening December 18th, there will be a children’s play, “Star Struck! It Took A Miracle”, at 6:00 pm with a finger food fellowship afterwards. Sunday, December 24th, there will be a Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion and Worship Service at 9:00 pm. Pastor Russell and the congregation at Friendship invite you to come celebrate the birth of Christ with them during these special events.

​Ashe Baptist Association Minister , wife, family and staff Christmas Dinner will be held at Friendship Baptist Church Family Life Center on Thursday, December 8 at 6:00. A letter will be sent to you to RSVP at a later date. Wanted you to get this on your calendar. Thank you Ashe County Ford, Jeff and Amy Dollar for sponsoring this time of fellowship.

​Special Announcement:

Hunters for the Hungry reminds you to harvest a deer and let the meat go to our local food pantries of which Ashe Really Cares is one of the pantries. We gave out a lot of deer meat last year and hope to again this year. For more info contact Bill Burkett at 336-977-3888.

​In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ashe Memorial Hospital is sponsoring a Women’s Health Day on Thursday, October 27th from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. in the Segraves Building.  We will be offering free mammogram screenings as well as blood work screenings.   To schedule your appointment, call 336-846-0820, Option 1.