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Southern Baptist Convention

~ Current Announcements ~

Congratulations to Riverview Baptist Church . They have voted to join the Ashe Baptist Association and to be Southern Baptist in Denomination. We look forward to working with this church and their pastor Rev. Evan Moore and his wife Kayla,

Would the church you attend like to host at the Ashe Baptist Association Annual Meeting in August 2017? Contact the preacher Place Committee or call the Ashe Baptist Office at 336-846-5631. We are meeting this year at Old Fields Baptist Church on Friday, August 19 at 2:00 and at Tuckerdale Baptist Church on Saturday, August 20th at 9:00AM. The Theme this year is from Psalms 36:5, Disciple Making Atmosphere for Ashe Baptist Churches.

​Ashe Baptist Association and Ashe Really Cares will be closed for vacation July 4-8. 

​The Ashe Baptist Campground is now open and  on the week of July 9 Friendly Grove Baptist Church is scheduled to mow and repair the campground.The week of  July 23 is Fletcher Memorial Baptist Church. Thank you churches for keeping our campground beautiful. Best shape it has ever been in. Thank you folks for all your help.

Also congratulations to Rev. Daryl Giles who was voted in unanimously to be the new Pastor at Faith Fellowship Church. He had been the interim for several months. We welcome Brother Daryl and his wife Alecia to the Ashe Baptist Association in this new position.

 Bald Mountain Baptist Church has elected Rev. John Elledge as the new Associate Pastor. We welcome Brother John and his wife Marcia and look forward to working with them.

Blue Ridge Baptist Church announces that Rev.Teddy Shatley  is the new pastor and has already begun  working on the field. We welcome Rev.Teddy Shatley and his wife Terri to the Ashe Baptist Association and look forward to working with them.

​When you pray please remember the Pine Swamp Baptist Church,  Cristo El Salvador, Liberty Grove Baptist Church and. They are currently in search of another pastor for their church. .

Pine Swamp Baptist Church announces that on July 3rd Nathan Mash, July 10 Gideon Speaker, July 17 Rev. Steve Ashley, and July 24 Rev. Dayton Roten   will be preaching.

Pine Swamp invites you to Vacation Bible School July 11 - 13 at 6:00 PM with classes for all ages.   Kick-off will be held on July 10th at 4:00 PM with registration, a meal, hayride, homemade ice-cream, bonfire and more. For more information or for transportation call Brenda at 336.877.1587.  The congregation and Cross Cannon Trails VBS invites you to attend any of these services.

Mount Olive Baptist Church would like to invite you to a special night of singing on Sunday, July 10th beginning at 6:00 PM with Sacred Ground singing.  Pastor Derrick Hodges and the congregation welcome you to Mt. Olive Baptist Church located on the Watertank Road in Fleetwood.

​​​Ashe Really Cares would like to thank all of the folks who support this ministry of food, clothing and providing other necessities  during a time of need. 68 volunteers give of their time to go after food, stock shelves, and sort clothes  Together we are able to give to folks that they might have a better way of life. Thank you to our financial supports. Without your money we could not do all that we do. If you would like to help financially send a check to PO Box 850, Jefferson, NC 28640. If you want to help at the ARC call 846-5631 or 846-5234 and we will be glad to talk to you. Please pray for our neighbors who visit the ARC each day. Pat Miller , director of Ashe Really Cares welcomes you to visit at any time.

​After VBS please send us a copy of your report on VBS to Ashe Baptist Office for our records.

The Ashe Really Cares Committee will have its quarterly meeting on Tuesday July 12th, at 7:00 pm at the Ashe Baptist Association Conference Room. I hope you will make every effort to attend!

The Ashe Baptist Association Executive Committee will have its quarterly meeting on Thursday, July 14 at 7:00 pm at the Orion Baptist Church. All pastors and Executive Committee Members are urged to attend.

​Special Announcement; Stop Hunger Now at West Jefferson Methodist Church. Saturday July 23 at 9:00am. Need 120 volunteers to pack meals and money for 10,000 meals at $.30 per meal. Volunteer to pack meals or give what you can  financially by sending a check to WJUMC PO Box 826, West Jefferson, NC 28694 no later than July 8th. For more info call Linda McLintock  after June 6th at 336-877-3331.

​Wilderness Ministries an ministry outreach to the suicide survivors, divorced, down trodden and broken hearted. Come talk and be among friends. The only requirement is a zeal for God and to help others through their pain and losses. For meeting times go to Pastor Chip Richie # is 704-789-3195. 

The Hope for the Mountains Crusade returns to Ashe County High School Gym
on Sun., July 17 – Wed., July 20, 2016
West Jefferson, July 17, 2016:  Are you feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and/or defeated with life’s obstacles? Then you don’t want to miss this year’s Hope for the Mountains Crusade! 
Bringing this year’s Message of Hope is Rev. Neal Hatfield.  He and his wife, Sue, founded and co-direct the operations of Uplands Reach Conference Center in Millers Creek.  Rev. Hatfield is no stranger to the feelings of being overwhelmed, discouraged and defeated; in 1986, when the Lord called on the Hatfield’s to step out by faith and start Uplands Reach, they met many of the same obstacles we all face today.  They had very little money, a small travel trailer for living quarters, and family to help them pay their electric bill.  Neighbors rallied around to provide food and emotional support. But the Hatfield’s stood by their faith and today they continue to see their dreams grow and come to life.  Today, Rev. Hatfield spends a significant amount of time traveling to hold revivals, crusades, and special events. 
We will have local nightly worship brought to us by Calvary Reflections, Faith River, Taylon Hope Miller, Mikayla Shatley, and a Combined Local Drama Team.
Please join us in bringing Hope for the Mountains!  Each night promises to hold a special message and amazing worship!  Doors will open at 6:30 pm with services beginning at 7:00 pm each night.

Counselor Training for Hope for the Mountain will be held after the prayer session on Tuesday, June 28 and that night at 6:30 at Midway Baptist Church Fellowship Hall for those who cannot make the morning meeting. For more info call DOM David or Linda Blackburn at 336-877-7233 or 336-877-7720.

​SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Ashe Baptist Association Office / Ashe Really Cares and Midway Baptist Church have 300 yard signs for the public  to put up  as soon as possible. It is now time to advertise about Hope for the Mountain Crusade. Help us get the word out. Share with your friends about the saving power of Jesus Christ! Come by Monday thru Friday 9-4.

Bald Mountain Baptist Church announces that two slots are available for the Niagara Trip this fall. If interested contact Myra at 877-1550

The Hope for the Mt. Prayer Team invites you to come and pray each Tuesday at 8:00 at the Midway Baptist Church in West Jefferson across from Wal-Mart.

Empowering, Mobilizing, Creating Atmosphere for Churches


                                                          “Family Matters”
How important is family? It is very important! God has allowed me to see my family  become very successful Spiritually and successful as they contribute to the community. I believe that the Bible teaches that when we follow Him, He will bless us and our         family. My Grandparents were Christians. Grandpa Blackburn, Rev. W.W. Blackburn was a Baptist minster. Family Matters! Thus my Dad was a Christian and led me in the way of God. My Mothers Mom and Dad, Etta and John   Goings were Christians thus my Mom led me in the way of God. I had a drug problem when I was growing up. I was drug to Church on Sunday Morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night. It did not hurt me one bit. ( I think it done some good). Because of my family I met my wife of   forty-eight years at church. Her Mom and Dad and her Grandparents were Christians thus she was led the way of God. Family Matters! We have led our two children in the way of God  They have led their 5 children in the way of God. Our daughter is the School Superintendent of Mt. Airy City Schools, our son is a Vice President with        Advance Auto Corporation . My wife has retired from  Co-Operative Extension / 4–H after 20 years. We have grandchildren that play soccer, basketball, football, baseball , tennis and other sports very well. Family Matters! God does bless us if we follow Him and His ways! Exodus 20:12 “Honor your father and mother so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.” The 5th Commandment is the first commandment that relates to humans.  The first four are vertical and are  toward God but the next six are vertical and directed toward others.  Family is the  foundation of any nation and people and when the institution of the family starts to crumble, so does the foundation of the nation. Joshua 24:15 “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the   Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua made a statement to Israel after Moses was gone.  He also made a statement about his family that for his household they “will serve the LORD.” When a family determines to serve the Lord, the Lord is determined to be a part of that  family. Families are stronger when the Lord is being considered        before making decisions. Families can be one person, two person or more. The New Testament Church is Family. We are all apart of the Family of God. Family Matters! No matter how many are in your family even if you seem to be alone the Church is ready to be your family and ready to help all of us continue in the biblical teachings of the Bible and not the way of the world. A person should live so that everyone knows he is a Christian… and most of all his family ought to know! Family Matters!

                                                       Your Servant , David









































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