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Preacher Davids Corner 

Empowering, Mobilizing, Creating Atmosphere for Churches






​                                                        132nd Ashe Baptist Association Annual Meeting Comments   
Praise God for an excellent meeting! Thank you to all who attended. Over 30 plus churches were in attendance both days as well as lots of messengers and visitors. Thank you Fletcher Memorial Baptist Church and Christian Unity Baptist Church for hosting. Your hospitality made our meetings very easy. The food was excellent and sound and video shared the story of Christ’s work. God's Spirit was very much alive at both meetings. Thank you preachers; Rev. Mark Harless for preaching from Jeremiah on the “Balm of Gilead”, Rev. Danny Farmer for singing and playing the guitar; for the song “Mercy and Grace” and speaking on “We Shall and We Ask”! Thank you Rev. Steve LeaShomb for preaching the missions sermon “Does Missions Really Matter”. Thank you Rev. Roger Blevins from the Cowboy Church for speaking on “You cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results” from John 10:1-7 where Jesus says “I am the door for the sheep”! Great singing was shared by the Ashe Baptist Association Choir Thank you Brother Elbert Graybeal and Sister Ava Edgell for singing the special music. It was very special! Thank you Junior and Joyce Greer and Butch Miller for leading the music and playing the piano for the congregational songs. Thank you Moderators, Rev. Michael Carter and Brother Jerry Powers. Thank you Rev. Micah Lea-Baptist Children's Home, Rev. Chris Allen-Southeast Seminary, Rev. Leland Kerr-NC Baptist Hospital and Faith Health NC, Rev. Allen Schuler-NC Baptist Foundation, Mr. Paul Langston-NC Baptist Men, Mrs. Debra Kuykendall-NC Baptist Aging Ministry, Mr. Keith Dixon-Baptist Retirement Homes of NC, Rev. Ken Boaz-Hospice Chaplin, NC Baptist Hospital Western Division, Dr. Pam Mungo-Church Planting, Baptist State Convention of NC, and Rev. Lester Evans-Baptist State Convention (who gave us a special report) for all the wonderful reports from a few of many things the NC Baptist continue to accomplish. These folks gave us the latest information from the state and beyond. They stayed for supper and folks had a chance to talk to them about their work and how we can be involved. One of the sayings that stuck with me was “lets get out of our seats and into the streets!” On Saturday we heard from all the Associations Leaders on the work that they are doing with their committees for the cause of Christ! They were all special but one that stood out to me was the Disciple Making Report in which the leader had two folks to come up to be discipled and then they got one each to come up which made four and then the four folks got a person each which made eight and this would continue.  At this rate it would not take long to have a church full of disciples. This was a visual to cause us to see the multiplication of Disciple Making and how that can work in our churches. The new budget for the year passed.  Big Flatts Baptist Church will be hosting the Associational Meeting next year on Saturday. Friday is open. If the church you attend is interested please contact the Preacher and Place Committee or call the  Associational Office. Also noted is plans for an association wide work day at the Ashe Baptist Campground on Saturday, September 15 beginning at 8:00. Warrensville Baptist Church will have a chipper available so that we can clear the underbrush from the fire last year and do a thorough cleaning of the campground. Hopefully some ladies will attend and clean on the Mattie Parsons Building and perhaps have a light lunch for us at 12:00. Thank you Rev. Johnny Goodman and Rev. Wade Huntsinger for heading this up. This is only a touch of what went on at the Annual meeting. Please make a point to see the pictures in the newsletter and talk to folks who attended. The association is growing and several  churches are growing. Thank God for His blessings upon us! Reports of those being saved and baptisms are up from last year and we give God the praise, honor and glory! Remember our theme “One way to Heaven” is from John14:6. Brother Ed Reed’s picture of The Halfway Rock on the Book of Reports reminds us of the way to  Heaven!                                                                                                                                                                        Your Servant, David