​​​​​​​Ashe Baptist Campground Donations are to be sent to Ashe Baptist Association PO Box 850 Jefferson, NC 28640.  Mrs. Amy Walker is the new treasurer. She is a member of the Friendship Baptist Church. Please send funds for the campground to Ashe Baptist Association PO Box 850 Jefferson, NC 28640. 

FYI- Ashe Baptist Campground Meeting Highlights

Nine of the Campground Committee met at the Ashe Baptist Associational Office Conference Room on Tuesday, February 13th at 6:30. The following items were discussed and action was taken to move the 2018 season forward. Prayer requests were taken and prayed for. Rev. Johnny Goodman, pastor of Beaver Creek Baptist Church was elected chairman. Financial Report was given by the treasurer, Mrs. Amy Walker. Updates given by DOM David Blackburn. After much discussion Rev. Johnny Goodman is to check with electricians that he know and install lights in the Amphitheater and also a four plug in receptacle. Cable will be laid from the Mattie Parson Building to provide electricity. The route will go from Mattie Parsons Building behind home plate on to the Amphitheater. A ditch was already been dug to lay the cable in. Needing two more churches to mow the campground the following churches will be contacted to see if they can volunteer to mow; Mission Home, Riverview, Beaver Creek  and Christian Unity. Mrs. Martha Brown and the ladies from Liberty Grove Baptist Church will install new solar lighting at the Prayer Garden. Rev. Wade Huntsinger and Warrensville Baptist Men will add gravel and get the Prayer Garden ready for the 2018 season. It was damaged by the fire last year. Tri County Paving , Brother Lucian Jordan  from Orion Baptist is to haul some debris away to help in the clean up at the camp. Recommendation was made to have some benches installed at the Amphitheater for folks to sit on. No action taken other than to see if a church would like to take this job on. Contact Rev. Johnny Goodman or DOM David Blackburn if you are interested.  Also a need to work on the basketball court was noted. No action taken but if the church you attend would like to help, let us know. We plan to install new volley ball and basketball nets as soon as Spring breaks. We look forward to a great 2018 season at the campground. Our next meeting is scheduled for April 12 at 6:30 at the ABA Office Conference Room. Anyone can attend.  Please pray for and help support the camp in any way that you feel led to.

Wagoner Baptist Church announces that DOM David Blackburn will be speaking on Sunday, February 25 at the 11:00 Worship Service they have Sunday School at 10:00. Rev. Darrell Poole Sr. and the congregation invite you to attend.

Healing Springs Baptist Church announces that DOM David Blackburn will be speaking on Sunday, March 4 at the 11:00 Worship Service, they have Sunday School at 10:00. Rev. Kevin Jones and the congregation invite you to attend.

Orion Baptist Church will be hosting a basket-making class in the church fellowship hall on Saturday, March 3th at 10:00 AM. A donation of $10.00 is requested to cover the cost of materials.  All are welcome. Please R. S. V. P. if possible to Pastor Steve Allen at 336-977-6160.

When you pray please remember Bristol Baptist Church, They are currently in search of a pastor for the church. February speaker 25th - Sonny Thomas Jr. The congregation invites everyone to attend. All are welcome at Bristol Baptist Church.

​Buffalo Baptist Church will be starting a new Bible study entitled Salvation and Discipleship, Is there a difference? Wednesday nights 7PM, Rev. John Crawford invites everyone to attend

​The Hope for the Mt. Prayer Team invites you to come and pray each Tuesday at 8:00 AM  at the Midway Baptist Church in West Jefferson across from Wal-Mart.

Midway Baptist Church announces  Calling all cooks! Chili Cook Off !   Prizes awarded for best Chili!!!!  Fundraiser for the Cross Trail Outfitters of Ashe County, Date March 5 at 5:00 at Midway Baptist Church. Entry Fee $5:00. This event is open to the public Adults $5:00 Children $3:00. This price will get you a bowl of chili, corn bread, crackers and a drink. Contact Steven LeaShomb at 977-9105 or Cindy LeaShomb at 336-620-1823 for more info. Also the Webb Family will be in concert on Sunday, March 4th at 11:00. Pastor, Rev. Steve LeaShomb and the congregation invite you to attend.

Mission Home Baptist Church WOM invites you to a Pinto Bean Supper on March 10th at 5:00 PM in the fellowship hall. There will be pinto beans, corn bread and all the fixin's. Cost is donation only. All donations will be used for local missions.  Following the supper they will have several great singers and musicians playing.  Pastor Lawrence Goodman and hte congregation welcomes you to Mission Home Baptist Church located just off 221 on the RR Grade road.

The NC Baptist Financial Services Seminar Thursday, March 22 at 7:00 with Friendship Baptist Church invites Pastors, Staff, leaders and interested folks to attend. We will learn about Church Loans and Investment Ministry of the NC Baptist Foundation. We will discover how to secure church loans for construction, capital improvements and renovations, land purchases and refinancing Church Mortgages. Be involved in a ministry of Baptist Helping Baptist in NC. For more info call Associational Office at 336-846-5631 or NC Baptist Financial Services at 704-458-5854.

​Ashe Really Cares reminds you of Souper Bowl Sunday Since 1990, young people have been leading the charge and inspiring others to collect dollars and food weeks leading up to the Big Game. Teaming up with local partners, these groups give 100% of donations to local charities, changing the nation's largest weekend of football into the largest weekend of caring. In Ashe County 1 in 4 children does not know where their next meal is coming from and 1 in 6 adults does not know where their next meal is coming from. I hope the church you attend or another organization you are a part of will collect soup or money for Ashe Really Cares on February 4 or on another date if that is more convenient to help feed hungry people in Ashe County.

Pine Swamp Baptist Church invites on March 17 at 5:00 pm for Dinner and a Movie.Pastor , Rev. Steve Viers welcomes everyone to attend.

Big Flatts Baptist Church will be having a movie night showing "War Room" on February 24th at 6 PM. Refreshments will be served. Also The Combs Family will be singing at Big Flatts Baptist Church, Sunday morning, March 4th @ 11 AM Combs Family Singing  and Brother Charlie Griffin will be singing on Sunday morning, March 18th at 11 AM. Easter Sunrise Service April 1 at 7:00 am breakfast at 8:00 Sunday School at 9:00 am. Revival April 15-18 at 7:30 each night with Rev. Chris Cox preaching and special singing each night. Prayer Room at 7;15. Pastor, Rev. Billy Norris and the congregation invite everyone to attend.

​Christian Unity Baptist Church announces Weekend Revival w/ Rev. Neil Hatfield March 2-4, 2018 and Friday March 2 @ 7:00pm Saturday, March 3 @ 10:00am & 7:00pm, Sunday March 4 @ 10:00am & 1:00am Information:  336-546-7907. Also Celebrate Recovery is a church ministry that is for everyone who has a hurt, habit, or hang-up.   Which includes just about anyone.  This is a yearlong program that frees people and encourages people to develop a relationship with Jesus while walking with others going down the same path and holding one another accountable.  Celebrate Recovery blends the eight Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount with a 12-step program of recovery. If you need this ministry or know someone who would, meetings will start March 9, 2018 at 6:30pm.  Christian Unity Baptist Church will be hosting these meetings at 326 East Main Street Jefferson, NC  28640.  For more information you can call 336-246-7907. Pastor, Rev. Michael Carter welcomes you to Christian Unity Baptist Church.

Midway Baptist Church announces the Webb Family will be in concert on Sunday, March 4th at 11:00. Pastor, Rev. Steve LeaShomb and the congregation invite you to attend.

Mt. Olive Baptist Church announces Spring Revival April 8-11 with Brother Brian Weaver as the messenger. April 8 at 6:00, April 9-11 at 7:00 each night. Prayer Room at 6:45 each night. Youth Sunday on April 29, Luke Ponder will be preaching at the 11:00 Service. Rev. Derrick Hodges and the congregation invite everyone to attend these services

VBS Expo 2018 Friendship Baptist Church April 10, 2018 @ 6 pm . GAME On  !!!!! Everyone welcome. Mark your calendar begin to plan of VBS 2018. https://www.friendshipbaptistjefferson.org/  

Welcome Home Baptist Church announces Revival  April 15-19 at 7:00 each night. Evangelist Timothy Mark will be speaking. Singing on April 15 at 10:00 Don Herbert, that night the preachers sing, Monday, Rev. Timothy Mark, Tuesday, Unmerited Favor, Wednesday, Welcome Home Singers, Thursday Dennis Poe and Friends. Everyone welcome by the pastor Rev. Lonnie Jones and the congregation. 

Fill his plate, Fill his heart, Baptist Children’s Home Food Round UP. April 2018. Help provide 700,000 meals for the Baptist Children’s Homes of NC. Go to www.bchfood roundup.org or call the Ashe Baptist Associational Office for more info.

Special Announcements;

AV and Sound Classes at Wilkes Community College  Ashe Campus Instructed by Ashe County’s own Bob Calhoun March 5-April 17 Mondays/Tuesdays 6 pm-8 pm $70 tuition fee. To pre-register, contact Becky Greer at 336-846-3900, ext. 3117

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       “What a Difference a Year Makes!”

It's a common experience to see a child you’ve not seen for months, perhaps a distant relative or the child of a friend, and say, “ my, my how you have grown!” As a Christian, will anybody be able to say of us one year from now ,” my, my how you’ve grown”? I challenge you to grow in the year of 2018! Luke 2:40-52 shares with us the passage which deals with Jesus growing. There I found four steps we can learn to help us grow. We should never stop growing no matter what our age. We need to look forward, set goals and plan to see God’s next steps for us. Scientist tell us the human body is designed to last 125 years! But at 62 or 65  we start slowing down.  Why?  Abraham was 100 when Isaac was born and Sarah was 90. Moses was in his 80s when we led the Children of Israel out of Egypt…. and the list goes on! Does that tell us anything? A preacher friend of mine left a prominent church in Ashe Association and said “I want to, with the help of the Lord, lead a struggling church to grow and become the Church God wants it to be.” This pastor is in his mid 70’s and has helped the struggling Church to become healthier in only 6 months. Praise God for those who keep on keeping on!     Jesus left us four things (four steps from above) we need to do if we are going to grow. Number One: we need to grow mentally. Luke 2:40 tells us that Jesus waxed strong in spirit filled with wisdom! Never stop being a learner! We too need to be filled with the knowledge of “God’s” will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding as Colossians 1:9 teaches. Remember, Jesus quoted the Word as He answered satan, when being tempted, “thus says the Word of God”.  Maybe we could as well. It is important for us to understand what we read in the Bible. Solomon urges us in       Proverbs 2:2 to apply our hearts to understanding. Number Two: we need to grow physically. Luke 2:42 teaches that. All of us need to be healthier!   We are God’s  Temple according to 1 Corinthians 3:16 and need to get proper rest! I believe Sunday was set aside for that very purpose but rest is good anytime.  Share with your wife you are going to get some rest. Let me know how that works for you? We need proper exercise and a proper diet. Be temperate in all things. Grow to be mild, calm and bring your body under subjection. Sounds to me like it is the “New Man not the Old Man”. Number 3: we need to grow socially. Verse 46-47 of Luke 2 shares that with us. Are you sociable? Or do you stick your head in the sand and let the world go by? We need to be kinder to our friends. Forgiving and taking on the character of the new man as Ephesians 4:32 teaches. Do away with  the old man that verse 31 speaks about. Friendship is never to be taken lightly. Abraham was called the friend of God. Jesus called his disciples friends. Any new friends last year? Friendship is the bridge for bringing people to Christ! Number Four: We need to grow spiritually.  According to Verses 50-52 in Luke chapter 2 and in 2 Peter 3:18. We need to pray more, spend more time in His word, and give of our time, talents and resources when possible and resist temptation.  2 Peter 1:5-7 teaches us to have faith, and express it in character . Character demands knowledge. We must know right from wrong. Notice that faith is in the heart, character is in the life and knowledge is in the head.  Growth is outward as well as inward. At the end of the year 2018 will God be able to say to us, “ my, my how you’ve grown”? When I was growing up my Mother would make a mark on the wall each year to see how much I had grown that year. If your Heavenly Father did that would some of us be shorter instead of taller? Or would we stand taller every year! Make your mark, let me know how it works for you! What a difference a year makes, as an individual, as a couple, family or even as a church.

              Your Servant , David





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