Preacher Davids Corner 

                                                                                                            “The Churches of the Ashe Baptist Association”

I appreciate all churches who lift up the name of Jesus. We all work together for the cause of Christ! I especially appreciate all the churches that make up the Ashe Baptist Association. Those churches are; Bald Mountain Baptist Church, Beaver Creek Baptist Church, Big Flatts Baptist Church, Big Laurel Baptist Church, Blue Ridge Baptist Church, Bristol Baptist Church, Buffalo Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church,      Christian Unity Baptist Church, Clifton Baptist Church Cristo el Salvador Baptist Church, Farmers Memorial Baptist Church , Fletcher Memorial Baptist Church, Friendly Grove Baptist Church, Friendship Baptist Church, God's Will Baptist Church, Grassy Creek Baptist Church, Happy Trails Cowboy Church, Healing Springs Baptist Church, Laurel Knob Baptist Church, Liberty Grove Baptist Church, Little Helton Baptist Church, Midway Baptist Church, Mission Home Baptist Church, Mt. Olive Baptist Church, New River Baptist Church, North Beaver Baptist Church, Oak Hill Baptist Church, Obids Baptist Church, Old Fields Baptist Church, Orion Baptist Church, Phoenix Baptist Church, Pilot Mountain Baptist Church, Pine Swamp Baptist Church, Pleasant Home Baptist Church, Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, Riverview Baptist Church, Round Knob Baptist Church, Trinity Baptist Church, Tuckerdale Baptist Church, Wagoner Baptist Church, Warrensville Baptist Church, and Welcome Home Baptist Church. Appalachian Baptist Church is a church under the Watch Care of the association to be voted on at the Annual Meeting in August. We are doing together what we cannot do alone. We are a family of churches. We worship together, work together, play together, eat  together, pray together and support each other. All led by God’s Holy Spirit. By  partnering with the Association, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and the Southern Baptist Convention we learn, grow and disciple others to make    disciples who make disciples! It does not mean we are all alike. As a family we take on different characteristics. All churches are important for you see, we are the family of God. We fellowship together, share a common faith together, active on missions  together, and we do it in our own setting for you see , we are not all the same. We differ in size, culture, history, and are all in a peculiar situation! Ashe Baptist Association and other associations are dependent on the church for financial support. Churches decide what percentage of their church budget will go to the association. Through the        Messengers and Executive Committee Members final decisions are make to help shape the association. The association is created by churches and is accountable to those churches. It becomes what the churches decide to make it. Be active in associational meetings as well as meetings that the Baptist State Convention and Southern Baptist Convention has. It is an opportunity to learn, grow and discover new things to promote the cause of Christ. We all need to grow and follow Christ as we seek His will. “There is a special joy in the Christian life when the family of churches express its spiritual kinship through its life and work together.” (J.C. Bradley). I pray that 2019 will be a year in which more folks are saved, baptized and discipled than in any year before us. I am not giving up, I am moving forward and looking at the positive and excited to see what God will do with His family now, today and in this year. Will you join with me ???????


                                                    Your Servant, David


Empowering, Mobilizing, Creating Atmosphere for Churches









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