When we begin a journey of health by ourselves, we are probably anxious, isolated and distrusting. FaithHealthNC gives us a network to rely on, someone to be with us --compassionate, competent, connected --so our fears are eased and our journey more smooth.


ready to be treated

right door 

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Too often, we wind up at the health system's wrong door -- the Emergency Room. FaithHealthNC partners help us to learn more about ourselves and the care we need, from preventive steps to proper medications. In that way, they help us find the right door, such as seeing a primary care doctor or other provider.

Our Missions provide free services  

right time

Fear, confusion and finances often conspire to have us seek medical help at the the wrong time -- too late. FaithHealthNC partners help us learn about education and preventive care, and how to recognize symptoms and issues so we seek help earlier, with a supportive team behind us.

not alone

FaithHealth Connector Diane Dixon and local rotunteens and here to help individuals suffering from a long term illnesses such as stokes, cancer, hip fractures and etc. We help you by being a HealthCare Advocate for you! helping you with your health care needs as well as providing transportation and an extra ear at your doctor's visit.  

Congregational volunteers, health care providers and community organizations are joining together in an important task. They are helping their members and neighbors along their health journey-- before they go to a hospital, while they are being cared for and after they are back on their own or in a post-hospital setting. 

What it is and how it works

FaithHealth is dynamic partnership between faith communities, health systems and other providers focused on improving health.

Without support, we frequently wind up in crisis mode, unable to anticipate what providers need from us or so anxious that we can't be treated. FaithhealthNC partners help prepare us when we need medical help, from bringing medications to a facility to a understanding financial options to being a calming presence